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MrsTutor.com is a Private Math Tutor located on the West Side of Houston & Katy, Texas Area. She has been teaching since 1972 and tutoring since 1974.

Today MrsTutor (Phyllis McLennan) is helping all math levels achieve their educational and business goals. Available to College, High School, Junior High, and 4th / 5th Grade Elementary Math.

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Math Tutoring for Katy Schools

High School Math Tutor

High school students seeking my help are struggling to keep up. They may have missed concepts in a unit due to illness or extracurricular commitments. Most students are struggling to understand a new topic. Regardless of the reason, my one-on-one help can get them back on track quickly.

Tutoring for : Cinco Ranch High School | Jordan High School | Katy High School | Mayde Creek High School | Morton Ranch High School | Paetow High School | Raines High School | Seven Lakes High School  | Taylor High School | Tompkins High School
Junior High Math Tutor
Elementary Math Tutor
College Math Tutor
Test Prep / Exam Prep

Math Teaching Methods

1 Hour Sessions

I tailor my teaching to your learning style. Let me know the subject and schedule a time to meet. That's it! I have everything you will need.

Your Curriculum

I will work the problems from your class. This helps me understand concepts the teacher is trying to teach you.

My Spin

There is usually more than one way to solve these math problems! If you are having a difficult time one way, we can try another.

Follow Up

Be sure to book your appointment if you are falling behind in a class or for semester tests. I'm best known for adding a few points to your GPA.

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